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March 19, 2010


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Will NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education be the only approved provider for the "transitional" courses for new attorneys? I can't seem to find them anywhere else.


Dan, while there were very few providers who offered "transitional" or new attorney training under the old system, with the implementation of mandatory CLE requirements for all attorneys, the court changed the requirement as well for new admittees. Under the new system, I have no doubt that more providers will begin offering the "transitional" credits.


Another state ripping off CLE providers. $3500 for a two year Approval period and only allowing 12 credits online. A step backward for NJ.


I can't seem to find the fee for the application of Accredited Provider Status. Anyone know? Surely they don't expect the 2-year fee submitted with the applcaion? Or do they? Fees seem excessive...

Concerned NJ Lawyer

I work overseas--do I need to pay this fee? What are the requirements to get out of having to pay?


This is amazing opint, i agree it.nice article.thanks.

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